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overheard in the tanner overheard in the tanner It rained. Outside? • Who does tests anymore? It's my last semester. • He's the first professor on campus to do it, and if it becomes big, he'll be able to say he started it. • I only check my Instagram like once every couple of days. Any more than that—nah. • They discontinued soft serve over there— they even took away the cones. • Her boss bought everyone cake, and I asked her if it was for the Ides of March, and if so, was there poison in the cake. She said no, and I was kind of disappointed. • Dude, he's this tall, but he acted this tall. • Are you dying? Ummm, no. • The elevator doors almost chopped off my arm. • First they took our closet, and now they want the whole classroom. I'm going to miss those windows. • He's such a snitch. • Dude, I worked it out to 2.9 billionths, but I didn't go any further. That's how far I went too. Do you think we should have gone further? • Your body is being calibrated. • It's so pretty. I have church in it. • I drink a half a gallon of water a day. • Is her ex-boyfriend still in your ward? • Sometimes I just don't want to go to class. By sometimes, I mean always. • Those trust-fund kids—you know who I'm talking about. • Just looking down the balcony, contemplating life. • We're just hitting people with paper airplanes! • You always make fun of me because of calzones. • This campus is huge! • He was like really iffy on me. • Like, three people came in after me, and I wanted to tell them all to run while they could. • If I can transfer all my credits, I would only have to take strategy. Good luck with that. • I didn't feel like I was 100 percent wrong. I just didn't feel like I was as confident as I wanted to be. • He said these were the fun ones, but I thought all kayaks were fun. • If you read it upside down, it doesn't read the same. • Before I even walked over here, I could tell you guys were worried. • I'm honored he asked me, but I didn't want anything to do with it. I can't get involved in one more thing. • You can take an elevator if you want, but you're missing out on great exercise. • So I'm supposed to do it this time but not next time. I don't know about the time after that. • It's good to see babies come to econ class. She was great during the whole presentation. She must like economics. • Make sure you've got it right, or it will be wrong. • I'm not going to lie—I've done some studying, and I think I know it all. • If I take out all the footnotes for the final, I'll have a lot more space. • We're like a walking party!

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