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by the numbers BY kELLEnE RICkS ADAMS Time for Travel School's out for the summer, and a lot of us are heading for the mountains—or the beach. Summertime is when many people take family vacations, go camping, or plan road trips with friends. Regardless of the destination, travel definitely ranks high on the list of favor- ite summer activities. the average number oF days travelers spent researchIng beFore FInalIzIng theIr travel plans. The internet has changed the way we travel. During those fifty-three days, travelers vis- ited an average of twenty-eight different websites over a period of approximately seventy-six online sessions. Half of travelers check social media for tips before setting out on their vacations. The digital travel space is expected to expand at an annual rate of 3.8 percent over the next decade, reaching $11.4 trillion. the average Income For leIsure travelers In the unIted states. Travelers who have children younger than eighteen plan to spend an average of $2,256 on their family vacation(s) this year, with more than seven out of ten families willing to fork over at least $1,000 per trip. The average baby boomer, on the other hand, anticipates taking four to five leisure trips, with a budget of $6,300 across all trips. $62,500 53 30 MARRIOTT

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