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1 3 2 2. Filters email Once upon a time, junk email wasn't filtered. The tedious task of iden- tifying spam was left to us—and it took up pre- cious time. Today basic artificial intelligence filters emails before we even see them, sending unwanted messages into a junk folder. AI even learns from our personal preferences and adjusts its rules based on our individual behavior. 1. identiFies Flight risk A judge typically deter- mines whether a criminal defendant should await trial in jail or at home. But using data from hundreds of thousands of New York City cases, a group of economists and computer scientists trained an algorithm to predict whether defendants were a flight risk—and the algorithm dramatically outper- formed rulings of experi- enced judges. Powered by a The term artificial intelligence may conjure up images of robots whizzing around in the future. But the truth is, AI has already arrived and is impacting our everyday lives by performing tasks normally handled by humans. Chances are you've already done something today that was powered by AI, and you didn't even realize it. And what's even more surprising, many AI algorithms can actually learn and become even more proficient at the tasks they are designed to perform. around the COOLER 22 MARRIOTT

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