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overheard in the tanner The first time I was engaged, it lasted only about thirty seconds. The second time lasted a little longer. • We can go either way, but going through the business center is a lot more fun. • I called it. I knew as soon as we left she'd have the baby. And by the time we got home, the baby was here. • Those who have no concept of reading didn't do very well on the test. • He was texting and ran right into a tree. I've only seen that happen online. I didn't know it happened in real life. • I can talk for one more minute, then I have to go. I'm always late for this class. • I wish Amazon could just ship straight to the Tanner Building. It will soon—a drone will just bring things straight to us. • Wait to say anything until they walk by. Then we can talk about them all we want. • Let's call a modeling agency and go to an interview. They'd sign us up so fast! • That was an evil laugh. Are you as happy about that as you sound? • They wrote a huge article about her, so she'll for sure succeed. • He bopped over to the lab. He invited me to go with him, but I was like, uh, no. • Will you just take my stuff so I can take the test without all this weight hanging on me? • I just assumed we'd all be on the same page. Well, you should know better than that. • I completely faded out— right while he was talking. • You can do it that way if you want, but if the professor doesn't like it, you're in trouble. • I just want to put a puzzle together. • I can't believe they expect me to come back after seeing that. • I'm just sitting here doing nothing. Come join me. • She scares me just a little bit. • I have one day to do six assignments. I'm never going to miss school again! • Look at how toned this muscle here is. • Every time I hear that sound, it makes me want to eat. I'm as bad as Pavlov's dog. • I think it's time to put the flannel shirts away. • He said it was a closed group, but everyone who walks in is part of it. • That crying baby distracted me— even though it was cute. • I'll look over here, and you look over there. Yell loud if you find him. • She has some rich friends, so she's not even worried about how much it will cost. • Maybe someone already did it. But if they did, they weren't supposed to. Do we have to do it again if it's already done? • They want us to "rise and shout," but sometimes I can't even sit and stay awake. • You're just going to have to wait in line, even if you don't like lines. There's no way around the lines. • Some days a job on the grounds crew sounds pretty good.

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