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School News According to Swain, all efforts to prepare students for the two-part exam are student-led initiatives, as the univer- sity has no formal training program or preparation course in place. Formed by students in 2012, the BYU chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) helps students prepare for the exam by hosting speaker events, informa- tion sessions, and study groups. Students also arrange for study materials to be made available at the campus library to alleviate some of the costs of the exam. "They have established a powerful community of students working together and supporting each other to take this exam," Swain says. "Professionals, not students, typically take the CMA exam, but BYU has flipped the script. Students are coming out of BYU with a profes- sional certification behind their names, which will open doors for them." On 17 June, the award was presented at the IMA Annual Conference and Expo held in Indianapolis. Parker Davis, a 2015 accounting graduate and former IMA student chapter officer, accepted the award on behalf of his alma mater. The IMA previously endorsed the uni- versity for its excellence in management accounting education in 2014. Publication Ranks EMBA No. 25 Internationally The Economist has ranked the BYU Mar- riott EMBA program No. 25 in the world and No. 16 among US and joint US-inter- national programs. "We appreciate recognition by The Economist," says Grant McQueen, MBA program director. "Our EMBA program has a lot of momentum and excitement due in large part to our new curriculum and our association with fast-growing companies in Utah's Silicon Slopes com- munity." The BYU Marriott EMBA scored high in numerous subrankings as well, includ- ing No. 1 in percentage of students who have been promoted or grown their own company since graduation, No. 2 in career progression, and No. 10 in quality BYU Awarded for Support of CMA Program BYU received the Institute of Certi- fied Management Accountants Board of Regents Recognition Award for the university's long-time support of the certified management accountant (CMA) program. Each year, the institute identi- fies one organization that supports its employees or students in their pursuit of the CMA certification. The first university to earn the award, BYU joins the ranks of Hormel, Johnson & Johnson, Kimball International, and Lafarge North America as recipients of the recognition award. "BYU Marriott faculty and student leaders were excited when we received the news," says Monte Swain, professor of accountancy. "We weren't anticipat- ing this at all because no university has ever received the recognition, but it's not extremely surprising because BYU stu- dents have unbelievable success taking this exam." The number of students who take the CMA exam has increased to approxi- mately fifty students each year, more than any other US university. BYU's 80 percent pass rate far exceeds the national average of 50 percent. In the past five years, three BYU students have received the highest student exam scores for their testing window. of faculty. Rankings were tabulated from school data and survey responses from recent graduating classes. STUDENT NEWS Establishing a Name in Venture Capital Some observers of the BYU Marriott MBA team's victory at the global finals of the Venture Capital Investment Competition (VCIC) thought that the group's secret weapon was their experience making real investments through an experiential learning course back in Provo. Oth- ers believed it was the help of alumni, including members of the BYU Marriott team that won the same event two years ago. Still others guessed it was the team's faculty advisor, Gary Williams. Or maybe it was the baby. Regardless, judges and fellow partici- pants alike agreed: the four men and two women on the BYU Marriott team were the undisputed champions, further solidi- fying the program as a leader in educating the next generation of venture capital professionals. "BYU has entered a different era now in the VC world internationally," says Williams, who has helped guide BYU Marriott MBA teams to three consecu- tive top-three finishes at VCIC. "There's something about competing there and doing well often that changes the percep- tion some people have of the university. It solidifies the quality of the program." Of course, the team's strong perfor- mance can't be traced to one single factor. But it does all relate to Cougar Capital, an MBA course offering participants the Parker Davis (center) with ima national leadership. (Photo courtesy of the ima) Team members Taylor Murphy, Corbin Coil, Rachel Whitlock and her baby, Sarah Wasden, Jared Fowler, and Matt Phillips. 36 MARRIOTT

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