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12 Contents | fall 2018 30 Plus . . . 10 BY The NUmBeRs Falling for Foliage 22 aROUNd The COOleR Powered by AI 29 iNside The ClassROOm Building a Tech PM Bridge 36 sChOOl News 42 alUmNi News Cover illustration by Michael Waraksa 24 Features 4 ONlY iN New YORk Their plan to spend a year or two in New York City turned into almost a decade raising a fam- ily in the Big Apple. But while their life hasn't followed a master plan, BYU Marriott alum Brian Carini and his wife, Kiasa, have followed their hearts since embarking on their adventure. 12 The pOweR Of pOsiTive By asking survey questions that focus on what went right rather than what went wrong, businesses can favorably impact a customer's behavior. Even consumers who have negative experiences return—and spend more money— when survey questions encourage them to look at the positive. 16 sCORiNg Big wiTh BlOCkChaiN A neighborhood soccer game may seem a world away from high-tech innovation, but what takes place on the sports field is actually simi- lar to what is taking place in the blockchain arena. Check out how this digital ledger offers solutions to some of the most significant chal- lenges in the world of traditional transactions. 24 TRaNsfORmiNg TOdaY's CadeTs iNTO TOmORROw's leadeRs One of the largest in the country, BYU's ROTC program fits in well at BYU Marriott. One of the program's leaders says it's because BYU Marriott is dedicated to building leaders—of both business and the military. 30 BRead fOR life's jOURNeY After presenting lighthearted responses from BYU Marriott's April 2018 grads to his informal questionnaire, convocation speaker Jeff Strong shared six thoughts that he called "a little bread" for all of us to carry on our life's journey. 3 fall 2018

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