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by the numbers the year the First binary prograMMable coMputer began developMent. German inventor Konrad Zuse built the Z1 in his parents' living room. The machine is consid- ered the first truly functional modern computer. Today, 73 percent of Americans own a desktop or laptop computer. Sources: and states-adults-desktop-laptop-ownership 1936 the nuMber oF pounds—equaling one ton—that Five Megabytes weighed in 1956. That was the year IBM launched Random Access Method of Accounting & Control (RAMAC), the first computer with a hard drive remotely similar to what we use today. The entire cabinet weighed more than 2,200 pounds, and the five megabytes of data was spread over fifty huge aluminum disks. Source: 2,000 The Age of Change It's been called the Information Age, the Computer Age, and the Digital Age, but whatever the name, the last few decades have brought a whirlwind of change. Computers combined with the internet and tech- nology offer unprecedented access to the world. Check out these facts and figures that barely begin to tell the story. 16 MARRIOTT

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