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Alumni News "We were excited to be able to offer an amazing lineup of speakers again this year," says Salt Lake chapter president Matthew Sadowski. "It is rare to hear so many top-notch speakers in one place during the same day. With the events and news happening across the nation, this year's topic, In the Cause of Liberty, could not come at a better time." The theme of the conference was carefully chosen, notes Dave Austin, vice president of the Salt Lake chapter, and presenters were selected based on their experience, passion, and ability to speak on the cause of liberty and how it applies to moral and ethical leadership. "When you can attend a conference and learn from individuals who have achieved success at a high level and who are sharing their experiences with a focus on moral and ethical behavior and decision-making, that takes an event to a whole new level," he says. "We work to provide a conference that inspires business and community leaders to not only make a positive difference in the lives of those they touch but also both exemplify and inspire moral and ethical leadership," he continues. Austin reports that many participants said the conference was the best manage- ment conference they'd ever attended. maNagEmENT SoCiETY 'In the Cause of Liberty' Timely eme of Conference Americans cannot accept as normal the continued degradation of politics in today's world, said Jeff Flake, then US senator from Arizona, during his presentation at the fourth annual Moral and Ethical Leadership Conference spon- sored by the BYU Management Society's Salt Lake chapter. During his speech, Flake shared several personal stories about civility and the lack of civility he witnessed as he attempted to work with politicians on both sides of the aisle during his sixteen years in the House and the Senate. "I think sometimes pendulums do swing, and sometimes with a vengeance," Flake said about the current state of politics. "I do think in the end this fever will break, and we'll be ourselves again." An estimated four hundred partici- pants attended the conference, which was held 14 September 2018. In addition to Flake, attendees heard from Utah Lt. Governor Spencer Cox and his wife, Abby; author Tim Ballard; Deseret Management Corp. vice president Sheri Dew; artist Eric Dowdle; and BYU Marriott associate professor Eva Witesman. CLaSS NoTES 1970 Retirement has been treating John Parks well. He spends his time reading news, metal detecting, and volunteering for the Democratic Party. He also writes a weekly column for his hometown newsletter and spends time with his three children and seven grandchildren. Parks had a long career working for the US govern- ment before retiring at age seventy. He worked for the US Coast Guard as a realty specialist and for the General Services Administration (GSA) as an asset manager. Parks assisted the GSA with planning, budgeting, and compliance for government real-estate projects. He enjoyed great success in his position and received praise from the Government Accountability Office for his exemplary work. Parks prepared for his career in government as a student at BYU, where he earned a BA in history in 1969 and an MPA in 1970. Parks currently resides in Burke, Virginia. 1993 Cherlyn Little Johnson graduated with her BS in organi- zational behavior from BYU Marriott in 1993. She began her career in program design and development at the Third Circuit Court in Salt Lake City, creating the first collections unit. Her pro- gram is now the state's Debt Coordination Committee. Johnson supported her husband, Blake, through medical school in New York by working nightshifts in a med- ical office. After ten years of school and residency, the growing family relocated to Salt Lake City, where Johnson focused her efforts on full-time motherhood. Three years ago, she began preparing to re-enter the workforce. She applied to the MPA program at BYU Marriott and graduated in 2018 in the first class of healthcare Jeff Flake Sheri Dew Tim Ballard Eric Dowdle 27 winter 2019

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