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overheard in the tanner overheard in the tanner Wahoo! Our presentation's gonna have pictures! • I really don't think that door is for student access. • I have to find her; I think she has my iClicker. • Is it hard? Not if you don't care. • She said don't worry about it, we should be able to do it. Should. • Is that a weekend project or a 150-hour capstone project? • I'm like really chill about everything in college now, so . . . • Looks like we're already collecting data we won't use. • I know he has a business idea. It's got something to do with cones. • I like him, but I don't like him. So the distance thing is good. • You should rejoin. It's going to be much more fruitful this year. • Why can't you ever get off on the right floor? • This is for fun, right? • Did you leave after introductions? You know it. • Did we wanna backtrack on that? • I don't usually do the costume thing. • Do you know where we're supposed to go? Up. • How was the volcano? It was good! It was fun! • I could have felt guilty about it. • I'm over here—not that you care. • I don't know if revenge is the right word. • I'm studying security infiltration, so it's roughly a good time. • I missed the memo on the grilled- cheese thing. • Do you even have any classes in here? No, I just take the elevator. • Hey, Taylor, are you Cosmo? No. See? He's not Cosmo. • If the final is cumulative, I'm out. • I want to make something like $10 million a year. • This room always smells like pizza. • I really couldn't tell you what he was thinking. • Anybody got a nail file? • It's OK. You don't have to remember my name. • Wait—I don't want to take this class! • I'm looking to add much more "me" time. • He said no chapter should take more than a half an hour. Great, so it should take me three. • Why did I think this book would only be $20? • I'm a senior, and I just barely found out where all the Y lots are. • Yeah, we dated for a few days, and it was fun. But then she got over it. • I need some more enthusiasm from you. • I don't even want to have an online business. Why am I taking this? • How else do you succeed? It's all in the breakfast. • Man, there are too many classes I want to take. • My idea is to essentially help people achieve their dreams. • Everything is completely put together—except for my neurobio class. That's way out there. • Ohhhh, yeah. Taxes. • How are you? Busy! Lovin' it! • I'm the guy he's been telling you about. • I don't even know what's going on with my life. But hey, opening social, right? • Can I cry? No, it's only day three.

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