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3 1 2. tweet- sized text The nineteenth amend- ment—only 39 words, or 215 characters—was written in 1878 by well- known suffragist leader Susan B. Anthony and Senator Aaron Sargent of California. The Sen- ate rejected bills intro- duced by Sargent and other senators for forty years until pressure from activists helped pass a bill with Sargent's original text in 1919. 1. suffrage in action More than 8 million women voted for the first time in 1920—and they took it seriously. A Denver bookseller reportedly sold more books on politics in the eight months after women got the vote than in the previous fifteen years combined. Since 1964 female voters have outnumbered male voters in every presiden- tial election. A Centur y of Suffra g e Today's office-holding, business-owning, C-suite-level women are fulfilling the dreams of turn-of-the-century activists from the women's suffrage movement. Suffragists struggled to improve women's rights in every societal sphere, and this year marks the one-hundredth anniversary of one of their greatest victories: in 1919 Congress passed the nineteenth amendment, guaranteeing women the right to vote and accelerating the pursuit of equal gender rights. around the COOLER BY CLARISSA mcInTIRE 2 10 MARRIOTT

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