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overheard in the tanner overheard in the tanner It's a weird room. It's got thirteen TVs and no front. • This weather though. • I wouldn't do another year if I was as cool as him. • I mean, you'd only need a couple thousand dollars for travel. • Yeah, I'm kinda hoping it stops before I have to stop it. • No one's preventing you from being awesome. • He knows how to catch a train, right? • I'm afraid to find out if it's a fake number. • That's my cue. Wanna come watch me crash and burn? • Like seriously? How is anyone supposed to finish that test in only an hour? • He's one of the BYU kids with kids. • Can we twist the brand? • If I go to bed at 7:30, I might live to see tomorrow. • If I just stalk you on LinkedIn, is that good? • I'll take any advice I can get at this point. • Someday I'll have the ability to say no. • Gee, freshmen are rich these days. • We could take it to another level, but . . . • We need to start a movement for two reading days again. • If I spell surprise with a "z," will you hate me? • It's finals week; everyone's sad. • Think I can ask for an extension and say it's because Easter is on Sunday? • I don't have hope, but I do have Coke. • You get lost? No, I went on an adventure. • We're gonna need a lot more sound effects to make this work. • I'm getting too many responses I didn't ask for. • He seriously needs to figure out the teeth situation. • It's not the test that gets to me. It's all the projects that don't make me any smarter. • Pretty sure that class is doomed. • Can we socialize? No. No socialization. No socializing for you. • I wish I could care more, but it's just not an option at this point. • There's never enough pizza. • I thought I was gonna quit, but here we are. • Like double-dog dare? • No pressure! Except, y'know . . . pressure. • Think parking will be easier when we graduate? • I'm gonna start keeping a tally of how many strollers I see come off the elevator. • I didn't know food could make you sad. • When I typed "help," it autocorrected to all caps. • You know the one guy, the funny one? He's my favorite professor. • Dude, I am going to be clocked in and ready to go, totally 100 percent. • I am treating myself to the elevator today. • I see your point, but why does every class have to have ten minutes dedicated to it if it's not on the test? • This is my last semester single. • Everyone wants to be famous on YouTube, and I'm just trying to start my own business. • Think you're a bit premature with the sandals there? • Text and drive? I can barely text and walk.

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