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F ThE ApprOxIMATElY OnE ThOUSAnd CArS, TrUCkS, And SUVS on display at last year's Los Angeles Auto Show, not one car featured the distinctive blue and silver logo of the Swedish automaker Volvo. Instead, visitors to the Volvo booth found a curi- ously empty stage, a banner that read, "Don't buy our cars," and a warm invitation to explore the company's new subscription service, Care by Volvo. How does Care by Volvo work? For a monthly payment that covers insurance, repairs, and other costs, subscribers can drive farther and change models more frequently than they can with a lease. Another important difference: instead of a big down payment, customers pay only a few hundred dollars to join. Designed for customers who prefer their goods and services on- demand, Volvo's "subscribe, don't buy" philosophy is a big shift for the automotive industry. To date, rivals from Mercedes-Benz and Porsche to BMW and Jaguar Land Rover have unveiled their own subscription plans, giving pay-as-you-go drivers an ever-widening range of hood ornaments to choose from. Life in the fast lane, it seems, is now less about ownership and more about access and choice. By Bremen Leak Illustrations by Martin Wickstrom THINKING THE BOX 22 MARRIOTT

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