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overheard in the tanner Take authority! • He won conference bingo. • I need the day to be thirty hours long for the next two weeks. • If the frame of reference is Red Bull . . . • There's a lot of bamboozling going on. • I don't even wanna talk about how many times I've tripped up these stairs. • If it's raining out there, I swear I'm spending the night here. • Let's start even before the intro. • I feel blessed because the guy-to-girl ratio in that class is pretty high. • It's no longer "If this, then that." Now it's just "If this, if that, if this, if that . . ." • I thought I wanted to double major, but I also want to enjoy my life. • Why do I have four and you have sixteen? Because that's life sometimes. • If it was easy as that, I'd totally do it. • Hashtag blessed. • There are a bunch of new guys, which is fine, I guess. • No one's preventing you from being awesome. • Someone should invent self-cleaning eyeglasses. • Yeah, let's get the e-club on that. • Let's drill down into that thought real quick. • Taking the elevator is a strategic move. • So I'm one class away from getting my certificate. It's actually pretty impressive. • Yeah, my mom was like, "That's an awesome idea. Who's gonna pay for it?" And I said, "You . . ." • Every spreadsheet is beautiful in its own way. • We made a group text for my presentation group, and that thing is on fire. • If I could live anywhere after graduation, I'd live in space probably. • I can't pay attention in class when I'm hungry. • If he doesn't seem excited that you got an A on your test, then don't go out with him. • What would they do if I just let these balloons go? • Honestly, I think I might have to get an emotional support puppy to get me through junior core. • Sometimes I wear heels just because I feel powerful when my footsteps echo through the Tanner atrium. • Bro, she won't answer my texts. I'm too busy to have to worry about that too. • Long live sweater weather. • When it happens, it happens. • Are you trying to get prescriptive with your grammar? • Her bag must be five pounds heavier with all the pins she has on it. • I have no musical abilities. I just embarrass myself. • I'm not going home the week between the summer and fall semester. Will I be homeless that week? • If he can graduate, I can graduate. • I don't know where I am going on my mission, but indoor plumbing would be nice. • This is the ultimate social experience. • Are you quizzing us, or do you actually not know? • Last Saturday, one of my friends went on three dates in one day.

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