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2. Profes- sional Polish Take a moment to refresh your work- space—and online pres- ence. Could your desk use a massive reorgani- zation or just a simple wipe-down? When was the last time you updated your résumé or LinkedIn profile? Try spending a few minutes in these easy freshening- up efforts. 1. KonMari Method In January 2019, thrift stores across the coun- try saw a significant jump in the number of charitable donations received. The reason? Netflix's release of the show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo inspired thousands to declutter and give away unwanted things. Explore Kondo's method yourself by keeping only items that bring you joy. 3 1 Sprin g into Action The origin of spring cleaning is a little uncertain. It may have started as the process of clearing up winter chimney soot, though others suspect it could be rooted in the Persian New Year or Jewish Passover celebrations. Even biology might explain our desire to spring clean: increasing hours of day- light tend to make us feel more energized. Regardless of your motivation, embrace the season of rebirth and make some wholesome changes with these modern spring-cleaning tips. around the COOLER BY clAriSSA Mcintire 2 16 MARRIOTT

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