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overheard in the tanner What makes a language a language? • I don't think it is possible to get an A in this class. • Don't sign any papers, and you're good. • This is the first fun thing I have done in over a week. • It was a good feeling going into the test knowing I could answer most questions. • I'll dress up in an inflatable T-rex suit for our project; we can all dress up as dinosaurs. Dude, I'm not going to crawl on all fours. • Sometimes life hits you. • My goal is to study for ten minutes before the test. I probably won't remember anything before that. • Three guys were competing for her attention at country swing. • I'm in my groove. I just want to keep going. • She got double the ice cream for the same price. • Here's a question: Would you date yourself? • He's passive-aggressive and narcissistic. I have never been more excited in my life to figure this out. • I guess we should probably go to class. Yeah, I guess that's a thing. • My roommate went on three dates in one day. I'll be like her eventually. • I've heard that for a piece of information to stick, you need to expose yourself to it four times. • When I focus on the learning aspect instead of the test prep aspect, going to school is much more uplifting. • I couldn't find him online, so I don't know what he does. • That's the power of TAs. • We went to Area 51. • I felt like I studied a bunch of meaningless stuff that wasn't on the final at all. • Keeping plants alive is way harder than my mom made it seem. • I've noticed a pattern: they're very into volleyball. • When you deny job offers, you're gonna burn bridges. • We were just deciding what mythical creature we would be. I would be a dragon. • Provo can be a party sometimes. • I swore I turned that in. • Sometimes I miss high school. • Pretend you're teaching it to a classroom. • The internet isn't working at our apartment, so I have to come here. • I packed two sandwiches today. It's gonna be a good day. • I wish they played music in the elevator. • I've never had black licorice before. • I'm glad you have a fairly solid idea of what you want from life. • We deserve sushi after this test. • I had Chick-fil-A twice today already. • We have the outline; this is exciting. • Crap, I have two missed calls from my mom. • I told her to meet at 5:30 because I know she is always at least thirty minutes late. • He asked me on a date to go mountain biking. I'm terrified. • I can't decide between the marketing program or the strategy program. • BYU is eternally under construction.

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