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overheard in the tanner Sleep is optional. • He always has some injury that he's complaining about. • I'm so full I never want to eat again. • I have a bruise. I haven't looked at it, but it feels hurty. • I was standing in line, and a girl leaned back to do a quad stretch and hit my arm. • If you had a catchphrase, what would it be? • I feel like everyone's on a confidence high right now. • My goal is simple: not to fail. • Let me get a head start up the stairs. It'll take me an extra minute. • I'm so dumb, I can't even figure out an elevator. • The atmosphere here is different, that's for sure. • Hold up, let me play some High School Musical real quick. • Then we moved to Arkansas, and it was all uphill from there. • You need to help us understand, because you blow through the material so fast. • You're going to be president of the United States. I can totally see it. You will fly me out to dc twice a week. • I think it was too much and looked trashy. • If they call you for an interview, make sure it is the best interview they have ever had. • Not all of us can sleep all day. • When I first saw him, I thought he was super cute, but now I don't know if we would work together. • You should try out for wrestling. • Hey, you served in my mission! • What's my name? I know your name. • I might take a summer semester but definitely not spring. • Do you want the last bite? • How long is it going to take for Mommy to get a job? • Like a book club with commitments? • Food always brings people together—it's a principle. • Go get it, buddy. • It was a total infestation. So gross. • I am just going to work on im, nothing too crazy. • Is this seat taken? No, but it's closer than six feet. • I was like, "Can I have yo numba?" • He said it, but do you think that's what he really thinks? • I am just looking for some consistency. • I don't think my teeth are going to fit. • It's a culture for sure, which is interesting. • Did you go to the Jazz swag wagon yesterday? • I'll direct message you the video; it was great. • Oh, no! I forgot I parked in an A lot. • Yeah, bro, I was a train wreck when I first got home. • I'm not even in the business program, but the rb stairs are a big no-no. • Her reign of terror ends today. • It's more like being abroad than study abroad. • There were a bunch of dogs just chillin' in the congregation. • As far as getting things done, I can't just wake up in the morning and look at a spreadsheet. • Gotta get some grub before you hit the books. • Are Disney princesses feminist?

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