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the number of government- mandated regulatory procedures that a food truck entrepreneur must complete to start and maIntaIn a food truck for a year. Setting up a food truck is no picnic. Com- pleting the procedures takes an average of 37 business days and costs an average of $28,276 for permits, licenses, and ongoing legal compliance. Source: -nation/Food-Truck-Nation-Full-Report.pdf the number of food truck busInesses operatIng In 2021. An estimated 31,000 people work in the US food truck industry, and food trucks operate in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. According to one report, California has the most food truck businesses, with 753. Texas ranks second, with 549, and Floridians have 502 food truck businesses to choose from. Sources: /industry-statistics/number -of-businesses/food-trucks -united-states/ and ibisworld .com/industry-statistics /employment/food-trucks -united-states 26,228 by the numbers Food Truck Fodder The history of food trucks in the United States is nebulous. Many credit the chuck wagon of the Wild West as setting a trend that has lasted through the centuries. Chuck wagons were followed up with horse-drawn mobile diners, US Army mobile canteens, and ice cream trucks. Regardless of how they started, food trucks are à la mode. 45 18 MARRIOTT

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