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N ot too long ago, artificial intelligence was completely sci- ence fiction. Machines that talk to you in conversational tones? Devices that understand commands? The future was going to be weird. Welcome to the future. Today, thanks to digital assistants and other smart devices, artificial intelligence is in almost every home in America. Frankly, we're not that far away from having increasingly lifelike robots joining the fray. As AI continues to flood regular daily functions, researchers are starting to wonder how it might be impacting our social interactions, especially those of children. As convenient and helpful as digital assistants are, almost no one stopped to assess how Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant might impact people's behavior until after the devices became widely available. Now parents are starting to worry that the way their child yells, "Alexa! Play 'Into the Unknown!'" may impact the yelling kids Why are my exa! By Todd Hollingshead Photography by Bradley Slade at you? 20 MARRIOTT

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