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overheard in the tanner Long time no see. • Do you guys want to do a Zoom call tonight? • I don't know how to clean data. • I definitely zoned out and got nothing. • I have two art projects that I haven't even started yet. • I'm going to get a burrito. • I have golf as a backup. • That was some dream. • I've seen you around, but I don't know your name. • I've heard of you—in a good way. • Oh, is this an elevator? • Did you bring back all my stuff? • Maybe you're not here yet. • They really hammer you hard. • It's just a big building. • I almost signed up for your class this semester. • I don't want to walk up the stairs. I'm tired. • I had two interviews with two people in two days. • I'm ready to pitch that. • We're not going to outsmart them. • Which holiday is it? • 3D pie charts are just atrocious. • Where is the MOA? • Oh man, I love that. • Analysts spend their entire careers just pumping out numbers. They're deep into it. • Let's just pick one and dig in. • This test is going to destroy me. • Collaboration. That was inspiring to watch. • It's a way to give to the world, y'know? • We could use that as storage somehow. • They haven't had a new truck since 2008. • I can't figure out the elevator. • Class today was rough. • I'm about to relocate. • Tell me about your experience with data framing. • We can compare TAs. • Hold up, let me play some High School Musical real quick. • Hallelujah! It took me way longer to work with decimals instead of fractions. • Oh, I hope it snows in the mountains so we can go skiing. • Dude dude dude dude dude dude. • What's kickin'? • You weren't listening in lecture yesterday. • Where are you going to keep all your photos? • I put in other headphones and was out for 30 minutes. • Do you guys understand that at all? • Let me get a head start up the stairs. It'll take me an extra minute. • She said to put everything in a binder so it would stay organized, but I didn't listen. She was right. • I feel like my bruise is spreading. It's, like, migrating. • I finally got your joke. It's hilarious. • Dude, can you believe it's been one month already? How time flies. • We're trying to solve the surface level of the problem, not the root. Just pull the tops of the weeds, not the bottom. They'll grow back eventually. • If you can take good notes, you can get through a chapter in an hour and a half. • I'm taking a three-credit writing class, but it feels more like a four-credit writing class.

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