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1 2 2. Got rhythm Learn your body's natu- ral rhythm and work with it. Schedule impor- tant projects when you are most alert—for many people that is from midmorning to lunchtime and from 3 p.m. to early evening. But if you work better at other times of the day, plan accordingly. Save email or rote tasks for times when you are feel- ing more tired. 1. take a break When your brain starts to get fuzzy, take a short break. Stand up and move away from your desk. Head to the water cooler for a drink, climb a flight of stairs, or walk around the block. You'll come back feeling energized and ready to concentrate again. Get Focused! Your phone pings—you have a new message. A box pops up on your computer screen—you have a new email. A colleague stops by—you want to chat about your weekend. When will you ever be able to get work done? Studies show that today's workers are being interrupted more than ever, which affects not only productivity but also mental health. Try these tips for getting back in focus and ensuring you're making the most of your time spent at the office. around the COOLER BY ShIRlEEN M. SAUNDERS 3 30 MARRIOTT

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