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By the Numbers By Emily Smurthwaite Edmonds School Days The lemonade stands have shuttered, the swimming pools are empty, and the yellow buses are back on the roads. We’ve pulled some interesting data about what it takes to get back to school. 9 THE PERCENTAGE OF TEN-YEAR-OLDS IN A STUDY WHO HAD DAMAGED SPINAL DISKS. Some kids end up hauling too many books and supplies around their schools, which can lead to bad posture, back problems, or poor circulation. Make sure backpacks are worn with the weight distributed evenlythis means one-shoulder schoolbags are a no-no. Tip: Don’t let your kids carry more than 10 to 15 percent of their body weight in their backpacks. A child who weighs eighty pounds shouldn’t carry a bag that’s more than twelve pounds. Sources: and 11 THE HOURS OF SLEEP THAT CHILDREN, AGES FIVE TO TWELVE, SHOULD GET EACH NIGHT. If kids skip out on their zzz’s, it can lead to difficulties such as mood swings, behavioral problems, and cognitive issues, all of which can cause them to struggle in school. Tip: Keep TVs and computers out of their bedrooms to help them avoid poor or inadequate sleep. Establish a nighttime routine and schedule. Also make sure bedrooms are dark, cool, and quiet. Source:

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