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You're taking the elevator? I've never thought of that before. What a novel idea! Yeah, a device that moves you up. • Look! It's President Samuelson. That's the closest I've ever been to him. You could have touched him! • I can't figure out if you are asking me questions or just rambling. I'm just thinking out loud. • So the ask yield—is that yield to maturity? Yeah, maybe. I think that sounds right. • That's what freedom of choice means! You can put bacon with your granola bars! • That sort of makes sense. I'm not positive I get it, but I might get it. • I love economics. I'm kind of a nerd. • Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken"? Let's not do poetry today—or any other day. • The Spanish language and I don't get along. • You like this shirt? Yeah, I need to start going to D.I. myself. • You see that guy over there in the suit? Who? They're all in suits. • I asked my roommate what her Klout Score was, and she didn't know what I was talking about. • I love me some chocolate milk. • I don't know if I can awkwardly communicate on demand. You sure about that? • All of the things I am not, I am online. • I never go anywhere. Why would I? I have a comfortable chair and a big computer screen. • I want to work there because of its culture. It's like BYU, where everyone is helping everyone. • The entire interview was me talking. My mouth got so dry. overheard It was disgusting. • Have you ever worked in a restaurant? Yeah, I used to be in the a server. I learned from it, but it was a tough environment. • I have hockey on Tuesday tanner and Thursday, so I might be late to class. Do you want to win a game or get a good grade? • I emailed it to myself. It's kind of like writing to my future self. Then it's always a surprise when it comes in. It's like a gift to me. • What was that noise you just made? It sounded like a dying animal. That was my no-hope moan. • I walk away for two minutes and come back to four messages. My phone is blowing up. • What are you still doing here? I had to look something up on Twitter. It's my source for news and entertainment. That sounds like a tagline. • I tried to fill up my water bottle in the drinking fountain, but I got 75 percent of the water on me instead. • I've always thought this building was the prettiest on campus. There's just so much light coming through the windows. • I can never sleep in public. I'm always afraid someone will rob me or, worse, draw on my face with a Sharpie. Pretty sure the first one is worse. I don't know. Have you ever had a permanent marker mustache?

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