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3. GLYMPSE If you want to keep tabs on your kids, your spouse, or your boss as they’re out and about, then this app is for you. No registration required, simply connect through a text message and you’re sent a link where you can follow the other phone on a map for up to four hours. Peace of mind + less nagging = a win-win app. COST: Free. iPhone, Android, WinPhone7, and Blackberry. 4. VENMO This app may prove to be your best asset in managing your assets. It enables you to quickly reimburse friends with just a few phone taps. Venmo could be the most valuable tool to keep your bank accountand your friendships—in check. COST: Free. iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and the web. 5. SHERWIN WILLIAMS COLOR-SNAP If you stumble upon the perfect paint color at a restaurant downtown, snap a pic and this app will make a color match. This is, of course, a plug for a certain brand; however, it will get you in the ballpark for whatever shade you want. COST: Free. iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. 6. SLEEP CYCLE Mornings aren’t as harsh when you wake up on the right side and at the right time. Turn this app on at bedtime, place your phone under your sheets, and it will monitor you as you snooze. Sleep Cycle wakes you up in a light sleep phase instead of a deep phase, making the mornin’ more pleasurable for everyone. COST : $.99. iPhone. 7. WORD WIT Not all smartphone games have you sling-shoting a bunch of angry birds. Word Wit is an entertaining app that helps you get smarter. It walks you through (or is it threw?) easily confused words, also referred to as evil word twins, and then tests your knowledge of them. You’ll sound smarter before you know it. COST: $1.99. iPhone and iPad.

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