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overheard in the tanner I have a dog named Audit. That’s odd. Does he do your taxes? • I never go to the Wilk. I kind of forget what’s in there. Yeah, welcome to life at the Tanner Building. I go to the Tanner, and I walk home. That’s my life. • We need a group of students who want to invest in a wedding cake business, and then our capital will be set. It’ll be the best wedding cake establishment this town has ever seen. • You’re all dressed up today; you look good. Thanks, I feel good, but this is normal dress for business students. We just like to look good. It must be something in the air of the Tanner Building. • I was talking to my buddy, and we decided the more squiggly the state lines are, the more cultured that area is. So places like Utah—come on, get out of here. • The internship between your junior and senior year is critical. The second you get back from sophomore summer break, you need to do some steroid networking to land a great internship. • International business is so much fun. Check out these Hello Kitty sushi chips. Do you think these would sell in America? • That kid looks like a ten-year-old. He’s either a freshman or one of those geniuses who come to college early. • One time I saw $5 on the stairs in the Tanner Building. I feel so guilty picking up money off the ground at BYU because people are always telling stories about being desperate, finding money, and how it changes their lives. • I have a Twitter, but I don’t follow anyone and no one follows me. You should follow me because I post pictures all the time. • When we get married and have kids, they’re gonna have cool names, like Carmello and Lebron. • Just say you’re in finance, and no one will ask about your grades. What is that supposed to mean? I don’t know, but it works. • You have to work at culture, because you can’t just figure it out. That’s the problem with Americans in international business: they don’t do their research. • If all of these techniques point to one answer, it’s like a slam dunk for our team. It’s like a Blake Griffin slam dunk. • Looking at these numbers, would you say that would be called a phenomenal investment? Yeah, it’s called Microsoft. • Dude, you’re wearing Ugg boots. You’re a man—stop! • Don’t be afraid of learning how to graph in Excel. I cringe every time I sit through a presentation and the group brings up a good point but then presents a bad graphic. From my experience, a graph is powerful since it can give you the backing you need to control a legislative agenda. • You try to make your earnings as big as possible—legally, of course. Then compare it with the competitor’s earnings to see if you’re better. Hopefully you come out on top.

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