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Contents summer 2012 4 The Highly Effective Person You may know Stephen Covey and his famous habits, but here’s your chance to get to know what made him the world’s most sought-after time-management guru. 10 Business Travel Required Find out how the school’s placement initiative is helping students overcome the disadvantages of geography. 18 Cowboy Business On the Deseret Ranch in Florida, you’ll find MBA graduate Erik Jacobsen—a modern-day cowboy who not only knows how to raise a herd but also how to rope new opportunities for one of the LDS Church’s largest private enterprises. 24 Planes, Brains, & Behavioral Theories What do airplane safety and airline profitability have in common? Read what professor Peter Madsen discovered in his analysis of the airline industry. 40 2011 Annual Report It’s that time of year, where the school shares its stats, info, and accolades. Enjoy the charts and tables that give you a peek into our back-office operations. Plus . . . 8 Around the Cooler Your Next Best App 16 By the Numbers Celebrating Summer 23 inside the classroom Becoming a Spreadsheet Master 28 school news 35 alumni news Cover illustration by Jack Molloy

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