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overheard in the tanner Somehow a bee got into my straw, and I took a sip. My body didn’t comprehend what was going on or something because it took me longer than it should’ve to realize there was a bee in my mouth. I just swallowed and knew there was something that was solid in there. People probably thought I was possessed or something. • Then you tell your husband: “After you finish the dishes, I will explain accrual basis accounting to you. By the way, did you pick up the laundry?” • It’s good you have an uncle who is a senator. If I needed a passport, I’d call him. • I think that the accounting program is so great because the professors don’t just teach; they come in and perform for you. They all have great personalities and are interesting. • Sorry I’m late, guys; I just got a haircut. Didn’t you just get a haircut? Yeah, that’s just what I tell people when I’m late. • You studied the whole weekend? The professor in me is happy about that, but the person in me is just disappointed. • We came up with a code to judge how good-looking they are. So if they’re like really good, it’s a gulp. Really, really good is a double gulp. Then we have large, medium, and small. If I say I’m going to buy a drink, it means I’m moving in. If they’re married, we say it’s on the rocks. Get it? Like a rock. Very clever, I thought. • I got two texts today. One said, “I heart you,” and the other said, “I love fries.” I have no idea who they are from. • I keep calling people Sister. I was talking about Harry Potter, and I was like, “Yeah, Sister Weasley kills Bellatrix.” • Remember when I threw up next to you and then you almost threw up? That was a good trip. • I see you a lot in the Tanner Building. Yeah, I actually live in here. • I just found out that Devotional is in other places than the Marriott Center. I was talking to my friend, and he was listing all these places we could go. It was like angels came down and touched my mind with understanding. • I loved the MTC. I was in there for two months and gained fifteen pounds. • You almost married a man who married a woman whose most exciting thing in her life is flavored cream cheese. Be grateful. • My goal for this year is to not leave my apartment with my backpack unzipped. • I hate that I can’t find shorts long enough for my legs, so I have to get gangster shorts like these. These are my thug shorts, and for some reason there are always these weird patches on longer shorts. • The experience I had here helped me understand the impact I could have in the world. I wouldn’t be in the position I am today without this university. It helped me push beyond the expectations I set for myself.

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