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Alumni News Law and Order Just four years after completing her joint JD/MPA degree, Kristi Anderson has become a rising star in the Navy JAG Corp. As a prosecuting attorney and a naval officer, Anderson handles a variety of civilian and military cases. She credits her time at the Marriott School for giving her an extra boost in skills and experience to land the job and excel in her responsibilities. “Getting an MPA set me apart from other candidates who had just a law degree,” she says. “I knew the great combination of skills would be helpful wherever I ended up in the legal sector.” Anderson started her career as the legal advisor to the commanding officer at Naval Base KitsapBremerton in Washington State. Soon after, she was deployed to Afghanistan for ten months to work in detainee operations. While there, Anderson was the sole JAG officer responsible for legal review of every detainee the United States wanted to transfer to long-term detention facilities. It was a heavy responsibility that Anderson says helped her grow immensely. “It was a great opportunity to get out from behind a desk and explore the legal process,” she says. From administrative law to fiscal and contract issues, Anderson has had opportunities to gain exposure to all aspects of the legal process. She has thrived in the ambitious atmosphere of the Navy, saying her BYU experience was great preparation for her career. “In the Navy you are expected to take on a lot of responsibility right from the start,” she says. “I feel fortunate that I had the expertise to step up to the plate.” Anderson says she enjoys the opportunity to lead a team of fellow JAG officers. As she continues to thrive, her workload and leadership responsibilities will only increase, something that energizes Anderson. “The duties I have been given to work on confidential national security investigations and the involvement I have had far exceeded my expectations,” she says. “This is a unique and wonderful opportunity.” Management Society Dallas, Fort Worth Chapters Host Education Day On a Saturday in September the Dallas and Fort Worth chapters of the Management Society hosted their second-annual Education Day Symposium for youth in the area. More than thirty high school students attended the event at a Dallas stake center to learn about educational opportunities after high school. “Two years ago the chapters wanted to do a service project for the community,” says Jarem Hallows, past chair of the Education Day Committee. “They decided to hold a mentorship program whereby high school students could learn how to further their education after high school.” Hallows says the Management Society has focused its initial efforts in serving areas in the community where large percentages of high school students aren’t enrolling in post-high school educational programs. To encourage students to pursue education after high school, the committee designed workshops that focused on educational opportunities, such as certificate programs, community colleges, trade schools, and four-year universities. Another workshop focused on financial aid, including federal grants, private scholarships, and public school scholarships. “You could tell it just clicked with a lot of kids,” Hallows says. “Many of them didn’t know they had the opportunity to further their education after high school.” Hallows said one of the most important aspects of the program was pairing students with mentors from the Management Society. Mentors talked one-on-one with students to help them identify the next steps in their educational endeavors. They also exchanged contact information to follow up with students. “We tried to do something that was consistent with one of the Management Society’s core objectivesto assist people

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