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around the cooler by Todd Hollingshead Filling In the Blank All students, at some point, face exam questions that baffle, mystify, or simply confound them. As bright and good-looking as Marriott School students are, we’ve discovered they are no exception. This is where creativity takes flight. Some students make an educated guess and a few strive to overwhelm with a tsunami of words or numbers. But it’s the clever, unexpected response that brings a smile to the weary grader and occasionally wins the student a point or two. Here are some of the Marriott School’s “best” answers. Q1:What’s the difference be-tween a broker and a dealer? A: The broker is the one with no money. It could be that this answer was the result of the student having been acquainted with a struggling broker. Or it could have been the result of careful word-based deduction. Of course, it could also be the result of one of professor Grant McQueen’s smart-aleck finance students who had no idea. Q2:What evidence is there that the change effort was successful? A: There was a change. This was an attempt to answer an obhr quiz question from professor Kristin DeTienne. Although she didn’t think it was very creative, the student’s response did give us a laugh. And, let’s be honest, it’s a pretty logical answerespecially during a quiz.

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