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"Mr. Integrity" by joseph ogden They called him Mr. Integrity and even Mr. Canada. “He was one of the most unique men I’ve ever had the privilege of associating with,” said Elder L. Tom Perry. “He was loyal to the Lord and loyal to those who invested responsibilities in him,” added President Thomas S. Monson. “He will go down in history as one of the greatest counselors to ever serve in the presidency of the church,” said Elder Marvin J. Ashton. President Nathan Eldon Tanner passed away nearly twenty-five years ago. Yet his legacy as an extraordinary businessman, government official, and church leader lives on in those who knew him and in the thousands of students who pass through the Tanner Building every year. Perhaps no one in our time achieved more as a business leader while developing the characteristics of integrity better than President Tanner. Throughout life he spoke often about this virtue and seemed to consider its development to be the crowning achievement of one’s life. “We have heard sermons and exhortations upon honesty, trust, righteousness, dependability, truthfulness, kindness, justice, mercy, love, fidelity, and many other principles of right living,” he said in a general conference talk. “When one has integrated all of these attributes within his being, when they become the moving force of all his thoughts, actions, and desires, then he may be said to possess integrity.” The embodiment of all these merits under the banner of integrity shows just how multifaceted President Tanner considered this virtue. I personally find it interesting that he included the need for love, kindness, and mercy as essential components of integrity. Although a lifelong goal, President Tanner’s pursuit of personal integrity did not happen in isolation. He simultaneously developed his natural gifts for management and finance—becoming president of Merrill Petroleum and heading up one of the largest public works projects ever undertaken in Canada, the TransCanada pipeline. He was speaker of the Alberta Provincial Legislature and later minister of lands, mines, minerals, and forests. He served as a bishop and a stake president before being called as an assistant to the Twelve at age sixty-two and as an Apostle at age sixty-four. Only one year later, N. Eldon Tanner was called as a counselor in the First Presidency of the church. He served as counselor to four different presidents during the next twenty years. With nearly a quarter century passing since President Tanner’s death and as we begin a significant addition to the N. Eldon Tanner Building, we felt it important to look back, to reexamine how a person achieved so much and stood for even more. Enclosed with this issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine is a thirteen-minute DVD, N. Eldon Tanner: A Portrait. I hope you will sit down for a few minutes with some of those who knew him best, including: President Thomas S. Monson, President Boyd K. Packer, Elder L. Tom Perry, and Sister Ardeth G. Kapp. Please enjoy this brief look back at the exemplary life of N. Eldon Tanner. Sincerely, Joseph Ogden Assistant Dean Marriott Alumni Magazine | Fall 2007 Ned C. Hill, Publisher Joseph D. Ogden, Managing Editor Emily Smurthwaite, Editor Jon G. Woidka, Art Director Joyce Janetski, Copy Editor Nina Whitehead, Contributing Photographer and Editor Assistant Editor, David Garcia Contributing Writers, Photographers, and Editors: Todd Bluth, Arie Dekker, Camilla Hodge, Chad Little, David Peterson, and Karianne Salisbury All communication should be sent to: Marriott Alumni Magazine 775 Tanner Building Brigham Young University Provo, Utah 84602-3187 Phone: 801-422-5083 Fax: 801-422-0501 Email: Published by the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah. Copyright 2007 by Brigham Young University. All rights reserved.

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