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Around the Cooler by Megan Bingham Slim-Down Secrets After a holiday season brimming with sugar and spice, it’s time to start thinking about your waistline. Instead of the all-or-nothing dieting approach many Americans adopt each January, why not just make a few simple tweaks? Calorie counting and juicing aren’t really required for a fit new year. These seven surprising tips will yield big—or should we say slim?—results. 1. fork lift Next time you go to dinner, supersize your fork. Marriott School professor Tamara Masters and colleagues at the University of Utah found that restaurant diners using large cutlery ate less than customers wielding small utensils. The reason? Hungry patrons use silverware size to determine how much they’ll need to eat to feel full. 2. news feed Tweet about it! Plugged-in dieters lose more weight than their Twitter-less peers. Researchers at the University of South Carolina found that every ten tweets translated to half a pound lost for individuals who regularly shared health updates on the social networking site. Consider it a digital spin on the support group.

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