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overheard in the tanner I’ll have you know Europe is full of French bulldogs. • I have a date tonight, a date tomorrow morning, and a date tomorrow afternoon. It will be hard to find time for my finance homework. • Do you work here? No, I just carry a vacuum around the Tanner Building. • The thing I really like about investment banking is the strong work ethic that is ingrained in the culture. I can definitely see myself doing that for the next forty years. • We all learned that in leadership class last year, right? Wait, we learned what? • We should meet at those round tables in the atrium. What about a classroom? Oh yeah, we could do a classroom. • I know I need to eat healthy, but I don’t have time for that. • The hardest question for me to answer was when she asked how immigration is affecting national security. • For fresh-cut salad, private labels have grown 15 percent. Cheese balls, however, have plummeted. • I’m going to take the survey a hundred times and skew your data. • I invested all my money in gold and mutual funds, and that’s tanked. • Come on! Hurry! Your life really shouldn’t revolve around The Vampire Diaries. • He broke his forearm, pinky, and wrists. He won’t be in class for another week! • How many brothers do you have here? Four. Do they have any cute roommates? • He makes us put our laptops down and take notes. We can’t use our laptops? • Do you know who James Taylor is? Unbeknownst to me, he is the love ballad king. • I don’t have any prospects. How about you? She goes into the MTC in October. • I’m all about the turkey cranberry. It’s the ultimate Thanksgiving sandwich. • How are you doing? I’m doing late! • It would be so nice if we had just one professor. You know, if we had math in the morning and then went to recess? • We sat there in literal awkward silence for four minutes. I didn’t really think of it as a date. • This is my supply-chain buddy. He’s in love with iOS 7. • I wonder if I emailed the wrong teacher last night. • Man, I can never spell infrastructure. It’s in-fra-structure. • Oh, that’s simple. It’s a Hadoop-based repository scheme. • Hey girl, I didn’t know you had classes in the Tanner. • I still have this chunk of gum in my hair—I really can’t get it out! • How long did you study for this test? I got an hour and a half of sleep last night. • I woke up this morning and asked my wife what time it was. Needless to say, I skipped the shower and came to class. • This is what I recommend as a generic answer. You’re not a generic kind of guy.

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