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EXCHANGE SPRING 1997 THE J .WILLARD AND ALICE S. MARRIOTT SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY Publisher K. Fred Skousen Managing Editor John C. Lewis Editor Roger Terry Copy Editor Byron Bronk Art Director Matt Sherer Designers Matt Scherer Roger Terry Published by the J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott School of Management, Brigham Young Unviversity, Provo, Utah. Copyright 1996 by Brigham Young University. All rights reserved. All communications should be sent to EXCHANGE, 588 Tanner Building, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah 84602. Telephone (801) 378-2182. The views expressed in EXCHANGE are those of the various authors and not necessarily the Marriott School of Management. Cover Illustration by Gary Baseman Contents 2 IN SEARCH OF VIRTUE David A. Whetten The processes and practices required to avoid immoral or unethical actions are qualitatively different from those required to embrace and exemplify virtue. 6 DOWNSIZING AND THE NEW WORK COVENANT Kim Cameron Little evidence exists that downsizing as a strategy for improvement is successful. 10 EXPERIENCES WITH A CREATIVE FINAL EXAM: MODELS, GAMES, SKITS, SONGS, POEMS, AND VIDEOTAPES Burke Jackson Marriott School professors experiment with nontraditional final exams 11 THE POLICY OF LIFE Stuart Brown A second-year MBA student’s poetic final exam. 14 MANAGEMENT SOCIETY UPDATE 18 UPDATE 22 THE ADVANCED PHOTO SYSTEM: A NEW MARKETING PARADIGM Steve Gandola A Marriott School alum’s involvement in Kodak’s global Advanced Photo System market research initiative. 26 TOWERS, SHIPS, AND TOOLS Elder Monte J. Brough Entrepreneurship implies a process of turning a dream or a vision into a reality.

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