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overheard in the tanner The class average has always been 82 percent. You have to remember—it’s the Marriott School. • I took a racquetball class last semester, and I improved a lot. I play a pretty average game now. • Are you talking to the EY recruiting guys? I worked for them! Yeah! They just gave me a shirt! • Class break in the hallway: it’s just about survival at this point. • I feel like taxes put me in a different mindset. • Do you like Downton Abbey? The answer—it’s in your eyes. • I’m a genius. You can study me if you want. Maybe not. • Language learning is tough, whether it’s a foreign language or programming. Yeah, hats off to people who learn languages. • Class goes so fast. It doesn’t seem like an hour and fifteen minutes. • I’ve got an interview at Ben & Jerry’s. Sounds tasty. • This building is awesome. Let’s book a study room here. • Hipsters are going to be having babies in the next five years. They need this product. • It’s impossible to drive in this snow. Where are you from? California. Why? • All the kids in my class are doing a couple of hours of service every week before graduation. It’s like they’re service hungry. • Professor, you probably don’t remember me, but . . . Of course I remember you! • How’s this semester going for you? Well, it’s not going to be easier, but that’s good, right? • Here’s a venture: let’s buy land on Mars. Yeah, we can make it into golf courses! • I tell my wife I’m going to lose the weight, but she doesn’t believe me. Well, your weight doesn’t show. It does to my wife. • I’m not nervous about doing interviews. What is it, then? Well, sometimes, I just . . . no words. • I want you to know that I successfully used the words capital structure in a sentence the other day. Sometimes I worry that something is wrong with you. • I’m excited to get the job in Brazil, but I am going to miss BYU and Provo so much. • What is school? It’s a lot of people smarter than me sitting in a room and debating intelligent questions. • Did you just get out of an interview? Four, actually. Wow, you’re pretty hot right now. Baby, I know it! • I want to know how to cook. Girls love guys who cook. • We wanted ice cream, but we looked around for half an hour and realized that nothing in Provo is open after 9 p.m., so we just went home. You always know how to make married life look so appealing. • Look at me and promise that you won’t tell anyone. I promise that I won’t tell anyone you kissed Sam. Yeah, you can’t be trusted. • What’s it like being pregnant? Not too bad, if you don’t mind being sick and unable to walk for six months. • Honey, this is important: chicken or beef?

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