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Faculty News Research on Internationalization Gerry Sanders, assistant professor of strategy, and Mason Carpenter from the University of Wisconsin Madison, published the results of their research on internationalization and firm governance. Their study suggests that "firms manage and cope with the information-processing demands and agency issues arising from internationalization through higher, longer-term CEO pay, larger top-management teams, and the separation of chairperson and CEO positions." A synopsis of their research was published in the May-July 1999 issue of Academy of Management Executive entitled, "Two Heads Are Better than One if Your Company Spans the Globe," by Marc Mentzer. The complete study was published in the Academy of Management Journal 1998, Vol. 41, No. 2, p. 158-178. Electronic Tax Project Gary Cornia, professor of public management, is co-chair of the Communications and Electronic Commerce Tax Project of the National Tax Association aimed at resolving the problem of untaxed "remote commerce." He believes that "we need to solve the problem in a rational way, rather than in a fiscal crisis when there is a political feeding frenzy." One possible solution he suggested is that it will take simplified tax rates to make remote sales taxable. He also noted that simplifying the rates is expected to be the toughest obstacle. "The states have to make concessions," he said. Cornia is also chair of the Utah Tax Review Commission, and is joined in his search for solutions to this costly problem by Utah Governor Mike Leavitt. Romney Institute Appoints Chair Robert J. Parsons, professor of public management, has been appointed chair of the Romney Institute of Public Management. He replaced Larry C. Walters, who served as chair of the department for the past four years and has returned to full-time teaching and research. "We are pleased to have a man of Robert's talent, intelligence, and commitment accept this assignment," said Dean Hill. "He brings with him a distinguished national reputation in the field of hospital administration and an outstanding record of teaching and university citizenship." Parsons says he is committed to building a nationally recognized public management program. "Working with the exceptional faculty, staff, and students in the Romney Institute, we will continue to provide graduates who will bring ethical training to public and not-for-profit organizations throughout the world," he said. He has taught at BYU since 1970 in both the economics and public management programs. During his tenure at BYU, he served as associate dean of the Marriott School for four years. "I consider Parsons to be one of the finest and most competent men that I know," said Lee Perry, associate dean. "He is a true gentleman and brings stature, integrity, and strong leadership to the institute." Strategy for Success W. Steve Albrecht, associate dean and Arthur Andersen & Co. Alumni Professor of Accountancy, spoke at the campus devotional on 28 September in the Marriott Center. He shared four strategies for success in helping keep lives afloat in rough waters: 1) Have a sense of value and purpose beyond your work, 2) Maximize options and choices to enhance freedom, 3) Add value to each day, and 4) Avoid self-defeating behaviors such as self-pity, pride, and selfishness. Albrecht has taught at BYU for twenty-two years. He earned his BS in accounting from BYU and his MBA and PhD degrees from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Argentina Plans MBA Steven Thorley, associate professor of finance, and Jayson Newitt, MBA student (now with Marriott Corporation), met with officials of the Universidad Nacional de la Matanza (UNLM) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from 28 to 30 June. Under the direction of Dean Ned C. Hill and MBA program Director Henry Eyring, Thorley met with Daniel Martinez, president of UNLM, who has requested help in designing an MBA program for Latin Americans modeled after successful U.S. business schools. Thorley and Newitt also met with Marriott School alumni to determine ways to increase the school's influence in Latin America and expand local opportunities in higher education for LDS youth. With the help of a translator, Thorley presented "Inversiones en la Mercado de Valores en el Siglo XXI" (Stock Market Investing for the 2lst Century) to economists, university students, and local media. Research Model "A considerable amount of clean, semistructured data on networks is internally available to companies in the form of business reports," says Stephen Liddle, assistant professor of information systems. His research has produced a program model using "algorithms that automatically infer the regular structure underlying business reports and automatically generate wrappers to extract relational data." Liddle recognized that "business reports are untapped for data mining, data warehousing, and querying because they are

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