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J. WILLARD MARRIOTT INTERNATIONAL EXECUTIVE OF THE YEAR The following is excerpted from remarks delivered at the International Executive of the Year Dinner on the evening of October 28, 1988. J. Willard Marriott, Sr., was honored post-humously at the dinner as the 1988 International Executive of the Year. PRESIDENT JEFFREY R. HOLLAND: This has been a historic and a wonderful day for Brigham Young University and for me personally. I wish to thank all of you, but especially the Marriott family and our own Board of Trustees, for such marvelous new possibilities at Brigham Young University. At our announcement ceremony this afternoon we had a delightful hour – a moving hour, I think it is fair to say – discussing what we hope to do at BYU in the lives of our students, both while they are here at the university and later when they take our name out into the world of work. We care very much at BYU about a superb education founded on the gospel of Jesus Christ, an education that prepares our students for the challenges of industry and commerce and government, the challenges of civic and family and personal responsibility, and the ultimate challenge of leavening the loaf of mankind. That educational task has always been part of the BYU experience, but in the School of Management we now have the added advantage of invoking the name of J. Willard and Alice Sheets Marriott to assist us in that task. Brother and Sister Marriott

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