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EXCHANGE DEAN’S REPORT As I complete my first year as dean, I am pleased and encouraged by our continued movement toward academic excellence. Administrators, faculty, and students are working together to build a management curriculum that will move the School of Management into a solid position among the best programs available anywhere. One aspect of that movement that pleases me is the growing base of support we are receiving from alumni and friends. This edition of Exchange recognizes the many people and organizations who have provided funding support to the School of Management during the past year. Two listings appear: one of gifts given by individuals and one of organizations' donations. The gifts range from a few dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, but all are greatly appreciated. I'd like to give you a few examples of how such gifts can make a difference. One major contribution allowed us to expand our computer equipment and labs. As a result, SOM students are now getting more experience with the technology so essential to their success in today’s management world. At the same time, faculty members are becoming more productive using their computers, and administrative matters are being handled more efficiently. Gift monies have also made possible additional faculty research. For example, Dr. James B. McDonald of our managerial economics faculty has received support for his nationally recognized work in forecasting techniques. He has represented the university well as he has presented his findings at major conferences at Princeton University, and in Montreal, London (Ontario Province), and Boston. His work-and, thereby, BYU-are becoming well known in the field of econometrics. Dr.). Patrick Kelly, a specialist in retail marketing, has been active in research sponsored in part by funding from the Skaggs Institute of Retail Management. His work dealing with point-of-purchase signs and per-unit forecasting has brought new light to an area were few, if any, studies had been done before. As a consequence, Kelly and his associates are making a major professional contribution. Another fine example of nationally recognized research comes from our School of Accountancy. Dr. W. Steve Albrecht teamed up with Professors Keith R. Howe and Marshall B. Romney to summarize several years of intensive study of white collar crime in a recently published book, Deterring Fraud: The Internal Auditors Perspective. Students have also been beneficiaries of gift monies. Several new scholarships were created this year (see "Briefly" section of this issue). More than one hundred students now receive scholarship support, while many more profit from assistantships which combine financial help with the opportunity to gain one-on-one learning experiences with professors who are working on major research projects. All donations are appreciated. And continued financial support is essential to the development of the School. I personally thank those of you who have contributed. I invite you to continue and, where possible, enlarge your support as we progress toward excellence in management education. Paul H. Thompson

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