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EXCHANGE CONTENTS BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT SUMMER 1985 ARTICLES 8 / Stratified Planning: The Club Sandwich Model Lynn McClurg The quickened pace of technological development makes long-range organizational plans especially vulnerable to unforeseen factors. BYU administrator Lynn McClurg's stratified planning approach suggests a model for staying flexible yet anchoring decisions in predetermined values framed by top management. 18 / Financial Modeling: Computers Aid Forecasting Art Brent D. Wilson Financial modeling, a sophisticated technique for dealing with uncertainty, consists of determining key variables and defining relationships among them in mathematical terms. Professor Brent Wilson explains the process involved in creating a model and the advantages of using one. 23 / The Silver Student Investment Fund Sets Sail What better way to learn how to make financial decisions than to have a sizable amount of real money involved? A team of MBAs learns a lot from managing a $100,000 portfolio. Here's their report. 28 / You're Fired ... (if I can work out the legal implications) William M. Timmins In the past, the right to fire a worker was especially sacrosanct. But times have changed. How can employers maintain the right to discharge employees? Labor relations expert Bill Timmins offers some timely advice. DEPARTMENTS Comment 2/ We Can't Go On Meeting Like This Paul R. Timm Have you ever wondered if the time and energy spent in participative decision - making is really worth it? Managerial communications specialist Paul Timm cites the advantages and disadvantages of using groups to make decisions and proffers three options managers can select to avoid having PDM destroy productivity. Addresses 10/ 1985 Graduation Convocation Addresses Lawrence L. Corry and Dallas H. Bradford Patience, integrity, and a pioneer spirit were themes addressed by business leaders Lawrence Corry and Dallas Bradford in speeches given to graduates during School of Management and College of Business graduation convocations this spring. Profile 14/ Gary C. Cornia The decision to accept appointment to the Utah State Tax Commission opens up a new set of "real-world" experiences for a professor from BYU's Institute of Public Management and Health Administration. Briefly 16/ Publisher: Paul H. Thompson Editor: Paul R. Timm University. Copy Editor: Byron Bronk Art Director: Brent D. Burch Published by the School of Management, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah. Copyright 1985 by Brigham Young. All rights reserved. All communications should be sent to Exchange, 730 Tanner Building, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah 84602. Telephone (801) 378-4121. The views expressed in Exchange are those of the various authors and not necessarily the School of Management. Cover photograph by John Snyder.

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