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EXCHANGE BRIEFLY Working Papers Series Available The School of Management is now making available to readers copies of faculty working papers. These papers, described below, reflect some of the research continuing within the school. If you would like a copy of a paper, please contact the Dean's Office, 730 TNRB, BYU, Provo, UT 84602. Please enclose $2 for each paper requested to offset copying and postage costs. WP #1 Radebaugh, Lee H. and Janice C. Shields, "A Note on Foreign Language Training and International Business Education in U.S. Colleges and Universities" Recent studies have concluded that the foreign language fluency of the general population of the United States is very low. The purpose of this study is to identify language requirements for business students in U.S. colleges and universities that offer a major, minor, or co- major in international business and to determine approximate levels of fluency in foreign languages of these students. WP #2 Rinne, Heikki)., Stewart W. Bither, and Michael D. Henry, "The Effect of Price Deals on Retail Store Performance" The authors report a study conducted in Finland of 1, 084 loss leader promotions in three stores over a 16-month period, investigating the relationship between retail promotions, store sales, store traffic, and overall store profitability. The promotions are found to be effective in increasing store sales and traffic. However, the profit impact was not necessarily positive. Overall, decreases in short- term profits associated with retail promotions were found to be as common as increases. WP #3 Rinne, Heikki, ''A Model for Evaluating the Profitability of Retail Promotions" Retail managers generally evaluate promotional effectiveness by sales volume rather than profitability. This paper presents a computer model which forecasts sales resulting from a planned promotion. In calculating the ultimate promotional profit impact, the model accounts for four key phenomena: increases in store traffic, ''cherry picking, "product substitution, and deals as additional purchases. The model also accounts for complementary purchases (due to deals) in computing the net profitability of retail deals. WP #14 Timmins, William M., “Civil Service Reform and the Changing Role of Civil Service Commissioners'' This paper suggests some critical areas of needed reform in state and local government personnel systems and makes specific recommendations. WP #15 Timmins, William M., "Improving Your Winning Percentage in Arbitration Hearings" A series of ''do sand don'ts'' for those preparing a case for presentation to an arbitrator, particularly in labor disputes. A number of very concrete suggestions are made by an experienced labor arbitrator and hearing officer. WP #16 Timmins, William M., "Treating Government Executives like Business Executives: The CSRA Experience” The Federal government since 1978 has radically changed its treatment of top executives. This article looks at incumbents and how they viewed this change and reports on some preliminary survey findings. WP #17 Hansen, James V. and William C. Giauque, "Task Allocation in Distributed Processing Systems" Distributed processing in computer networks is a powerful development emanating from technological advances in computer science and communications research. An • important and unresolved problem in distributed processing is how to optimally allocate tasks among the interconnected processors. This paper reports a dynamic programming algorithm which incorporates many of the essential problem elements. WP #19 Hansen, James V. and William F. Messier, Jr., ''A Relational Approach to Monitoring Controls" The integration and coupling which result from networking, data base systems, and real time applications are serving to increase concern about security and control in modern computing environments. The establishment and effective monitoring of controls in such settings are essential to guarantee data integrity and to prevent undesired intrusion. This paper proposes that the monitoring of system controls is essentially an information processing activity, and that the relational model is a useful formalization of information gathered from central monitoring. Moreover, the universal data view facilitates auditor analysis without imposing the requirement that he or she have explicit knowledge of the structure of the relational data base of monitored information. WP #20 Hansen, James V. and William F. Messier, Jr., ''A Knowledge-Based Expert System for Auditing Advanced Computer Systems" The complexity of modern computer auditing requires an effective decision support system that should (1) be highly flexible, (2) have the capability for incorporating important qualitative components, (3) be able to utilize a network of decision rules in describing a complex system of internal controls, and (4) be able to converse with the auditor in a meaningful way. The system should help the auditor recall and evaluate evidence about a client's computer system in order to reach well founded conclusions about the systems reliability. This paper introduces the concept of utilizing an ''expert system” as a decision support tool for the computer audit specialist. A prototype expert system based on existing technology is illustrated. WP #23 Hansen, James V., "On the Translation of Entity- Relationship Models to Relational Data Base Schemes" Data models have been proposed and utilized as a means of communicating and unifying logical views of data. Such tools can be useful in aiding data base design. The entity-relationship model is the best known and most widely accepted of these data models. Proponents of the entity- relationship approach have argued that the resulting models are in the appropriate normal form for realization in relational data bases. This paper suggests that developments in relational design methods require the application of these methods to entity- relationship models, themselves. WP #24 Kelly,). Patrick and Michael D. Geurts, "Increasing the Efficiency of Forecasting Seasonal Demand for Individual Products" WP #25 Ouchi, William G. and Alan L. Wilkins, "Organizational Culture" WP #26 Thompson, Paul, Kate Kirkham, and Joanne Dixon, "Warning: The Fast Track May Be Hazardous to Organizational Health" WP #27 Thompson, Paul, Reba Keele, and Vivian E. Couch, "What Managers Learn from Their Subordinates" 17

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