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COMMENT Effective New Crime Deterrent: Communicating Ethical Values Mark W. Cannon From a speech by Mark W. Cann on before the Southwestern Judicial Conference, Santa Fe, New Mexico on June 4, 1981. Mr. Cannon is a member of the School of Management's National Advisory Council. *Mitchell Edwards, a BYU Kimball Scholar, assisted with research for his speech during an intern ship with the United States Supreme Court. Matthew Cossolotto, aide to Congressman Leon Panetta, recently wrote in the Washington Post about walking up to the front door of his home on Capitol Hill late one night: It was then that I heard the gate squeak open behind us. I felt the hard cold steel of a handgun against my head. I realized that my world of values, of reason-in fact, my life itself-counted for little. I opened the door and turned off the burglar alarm. We were at the mercy of the two men with the gun. We did not know what they wanted from us, nor whether the next few moments might be our last. Then suddenly they disappeared into the night, taking $31 and credit cards. Such was the extent of our tribute to the terrible god of crime, who for some unknown reason spared us. The experience of the Cossolotto family is not an isolated one. Last year, virtually one-third of all families were victimized, and 23,000 Americans needlessly killed by crime. This was up from 16,000 in 1970 and

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