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Computer Literacy: As Basic as ABC Marshall Romney If the auto industry had done what the computer industry has done in the last 30 years, a Rolls-Royce would cost $2.50 and get two million miles to the gallon, according to Computer World, the weekly computer industry publication. But as unbelievable as the last 30 years have been, the next 30 will probably be even more incredible. Right now, IBM has begun delivery of a new computer series that will, by itself, provide four times as much processing power as all the previous computers delivered by the company. Furthermore, IBM announced a new "superconductor" that could improve computer speed and performance by a factor of 500 in the next seven years! With extraordinary increases in computer efficiency such as these, it’s no wonder computer use is on the rise. Today, worldwide expenditures for these electronic marvels stand at $75 billion annually. And this figure is growing by 20 percent a year. Yet with all the progress of the computer industry, most people are still “computer illiterates.” The aver-

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