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EXCHANGE: TAKING INVENTORY Active in an Advisory Capacity James H. Evans, president of Union Pacific Corporation, was awarded the International Businessman of the Year Award at the college's annual National Advisory Council meetings. In addition, NAC members spent three days fielding questions from students and discussing such topics as public attitudes toward business, current-value accounting, and costs of government regulation. During the sessions Lorenzo N. Hoopes (Safeway Stores, senior vice-president) replaced Robert N. Sears (Phillips Petroleum, senior vice-president and director) as chairman of the council. NAC members also heard Olga Company President Jan J. Erteszek address the subject of free enterprise and Christian values. Evans told NAC members and faculty that in order to "achieve goals such as sound growth, fuller employment, and adequate capital formation, we should look to the enterprise of free men, not to Big Government." He added, "Using the resources of private enterprise to create jobs and thus reduce unemployment to manageable levels would mean, of course, resuming the pattern of economic growth that has characterized this country through most of its history, right up until the early 1970s." A director of Dun and Bradstreet and Bristol-Meyers, Evans is also a trustee of New York's Seamen's Bank for Savings. For the more than 50 NAC members attending the meetings, round table discussions provided an opportunity to meet with students. D. Lee Tobler (vice-president and treasurer, Aetna Life and Casualty) answered questions on executive mobility and preparing for job interviews. John Taylor (media supervisor, Proctor and Gamble) told of marketing activities at P and G and career paths for hirees. Robert D. Bolinder (chief executive officer, Albertson's) focused on the impact of technological hardware in retailing. Students asked J. Knight Allen (consultant, Bechtel) about the advantages of private vs. public company ownership as well as the dangers of organizational inbreeding arising from internal promotions. Inquiries as to how a company is financed and what job opportunities are available were put to William N. Jones (chairman of the board, Electro Control, Inc.). BYU faculty member presentations during the meetings included current-value accounting-adjusting for inflation (Jay M. Smith); career patterns of professional employees (Paul H. Thompson and Gene W. Dalton); the impact of tax reforms on both individuals and corporations (G. Fred Streuling, Jay M. White, and Boyd C. Randall); deceptive and corrective advertising (H. Keith Hunt); and increasing advertising effectiveness (Darral G. Clarke). Other subjects were the expanding role of the financial manager (Stephen D. Nadauld and Robert H. Daines); the costs of government regulation (Martin J. Wistisen); and reorganization in the federal government following a national election (Karl N. Snow). A joint faculty-NAC luncheon National Advisory Council member Douglas H. Driggs (center) conferred with graduate students during the Council's annual meetings

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