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DEAN’S REPORT A New Investment Program Last spring, the administration of Brigham Young University approved the creation of the Brigham Young University Management Society. The society was established jointly by the College of Business/Graduate School of Management and the Brigham Young University Alumni Association. The society’s purposes are to promote the management profession among alumni and friends and to support the College of Business/Graduate School of Management. Objectives of the society include organizing alumni and friends in recruiting candidates for admission to the Graduate School of Management; providing placement and career advancement opportunities for members of the society; and mobilizing the support of students, alumni, and friends in funding a new building and promoting a continuing standard of excellence in management education at Brigham Young University. Though, in many respects, the society is a “giving club,” it has also been organized to mutually reward both members of the society and the University. The society will sponsor professional development seminars and special lectures, provide reprints of outstanding speeches, and assist in identifying career opportunities. In addition, Exchange will be distributed to members of the society. The first professional development seminar sponsored by the Management Society will be held November 2 and 3, 1977, at Brigham Young University. Entitled “New Perspective in Management,” this two-day conference is geared to middle-and upper-level managers and staff professionals (see p.12). The management programs at Brigham Young University are moving forward at a rapid pace. The opportunity exists for BYU to fully assume its unique role in management education-an education that emphasizes technical skills and interpersonal communication and is based on an understanding of the links between societal values, institutions, and individual freedom. I encourage each reader to participate in the society and, therefore, invest in the building and maintaining of excellence in management education at Brigham Young University. Returning the postcard enclosed in this issue will allow you to receive more information on the Management Society. I am committed to the belief that your support of education at Brigham Young University will continue to extend immeasurably beyond our classrooms.

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