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overheard in the tanner If you’ve never finger-painted, I highly recommend it. It’s so much fun! • I know I’m late, but I’m going to do my survey questions quickly right now. How? I’m going to give out candy. Oh, well, that should be quick then. Yeah, students will do anything for candy. • I spend money on groceries, gas, and clothes. I could always spend more money on clothes. • His face is on the wall because he’s a successful person who graduated from here. I want to be a successful person who graduated from here. • Let’s start a business. You don’t like my ideas. That’s because they stink. Whatever. Trifocals are a winner. • When are you taking your finals? Either tomorrow night or once my fear of failing classes outweighs my desire to procrastinate. Whichever comes first. • I moved out of my parents’ house, and the first time that I went back, they had filled my room with boxes. I’m just boxes to them now! • I ran up five flights of stairs to get my assignment in on time last night. Why didn’t you just take the elevator? Hm. That might have been easier. • Why use a double stroller when you can just stuff both babies into one? I might do that if I were going for the Worst Parent of the Year award. • So those tennis balls each represent an hour of service? Yep. Wow, there must be thousands of them. • Do you know Photoshop well? Yeah, I do. Can you help me with a project? Well, I’d actually give myself a five out of ten. • Dodgeball: marketing versus advertisers. It’s going to be extreme. • Who’s spelling these things? Mountian? Please. • I get wary anytime I have to take something more than 4,000 milligrams. What are you taking, elephant tranquilizers? • Hey, I just saw the Facebook post—you got a job in New York? Sweet! • Accounting may be the language of business, but French is the language of more dates. • This looks great! We hired a student to do it. Sweet deal; let’s hire students from now on. • We’ve got it on tape. Like VHS? Yeah. Old school, man. • I’ll miss you guys a lot. We can still hang out outside of class . . . right? • I’m afraid I’ll be like you. Thanks. No, that’s not what I meant! • I get good ideas in the bathroom. The shower, the curling iron—something just sparks ideas. • Thanks for calling me, professor. You made my day. • What’s your favorite ice cream? I like all ice creams. I scream for ice cream! • Thanks for all of your help. I’ll definitely give you a call if the business takes off.

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