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Overheard in the Tanner Choosing a company to work for is a tough decision. Disney or Apple? Who do you want as an idol: Mickey Mouse or Steve Jobs? • Who are all these people? It’s pizza day, man! • This is one of my favorite classes because we actually get our hands a little bit dirty. • I buy everything and build it once—like the dad in The Lego Movie. I’m that guy. • I have to be careful what I say in public places. He could walk by at any moment. • He knows I’m teasing, but there is a one-in-a-thousand chance that I’m not. That’s what keeps him awake at night. • Fist bump? I have a bad finger. • Look what I found outside. At least you know now that nobody took your back support belt. Of course it would still be there; it’s only worth a couple hundred dollars. • The security detail was not quite as large as it was when I met with the First Lady, but it was pretty close. • I can be very logical, but then I get in the moment and I’m like, “Whoops! That’s not how I wanted that to go.” • I’m actually starting my own record label. Oh, yeah? You could be my first artist. • Two weeks ago you didn’t even like her. Yesterday I was ready to walk away. • Michael Phelps got arrested today. That’s so sad! I used to have quite the crush on him. Me too. • I’m going to close my eyes. Will you wake me up at 11:50 a.m. or at least when you leave? I don’t want to be here sleeping by myself. • I didn’t know where I wanted to live before my internship, but I genuinely enjoyed the Bay Area. • I like how the hipsters mix with the businesspeople. It’s a very interesting dynamic. • Show that project who’s boss! • I had to get a bigger size so now it’s very boxy. Where do they find these box people to make clothing for? • I like to tease people who don’t have iPhones. They make everyone’s life harder because you can’t send group messages. • Am I going down, down? Isn’t that the only way elevators go down? • I have been looking for internships like it’s my job. Which is funny, because it could become your job. • That is a great shirt, and you are totally pulling it off! • We need cookies or doughnuts for one hundred people by three o’clock. We can feed this crowd anything sweet. They aren’t picky. • You done for the day? Yep! Just chilling? Chillin’ like a villain! • Did you guys complete that case? Yeah, it didn’t take as long as I thought. It looked really long and complicated, but it came together. • We need to practice our presentation to make sure we have time to say everything we need to. If you talk too long, I’ll just bounce this ball off your head until you stop.

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