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4. Charbroil Bot No more scrubbing a dirty barbeque after the burgers are cooked—the Grillbot can do the work for you. Similar to a Roomba, the Grillbot is an automated device that cleans your grill grates with a touch of a button. “It’s a unique product that addresses a real pain point for barbecue fanatics,” says Shayla Barber. 5. Reality check Virtual reality has long been in the margins, but Joseph Murphy believes Oculus Rift could make the technology mainstream. “They’ll revolutionize how we view entertainment, education, and telecommunication,” Murphy says. The Rift boasts stereoscopic 3-D and a 100-degree field of view. 6. TV à la Carte Sling TV has the most “disruption potential” of all the products at CES, says Ryan Oaks. The service allows consumers to watch top cable channels, including ESPN, live for $20 a month. “It has the goal to capture the elusive twenty- to thirty-five-year-olds who usually don’t pay for cable,” Oaks says. 7. Digital Da Vinci Janice Woolley initially needed practice on the Touch haptic 3-D stylus from 3D Systems, but the technology still won her over. Mimicking the feel of traditional sculpting, Touch allows users to feel texture and mold virtual materials in a way that connects the digital and physical worlds. 8. right track With a background in marketing, Brady Leavitt tabbed Eye Tribe, a portable eye tracker, as his top device. Providing a cost-effective method to conduct user-experience tests while maintaining a high level of performance, the camera is $99 and can be used in conjunction with computers, tablets, or smartphones.

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