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Overheard in the Tanner You could fit two bodies in there. • As far as learning goes, I think you enjoy the grind. • You have to do something in life. • There’s so much tribulation in politics. Like scandals and everything. • Three or four of the guys already know about us. • When I talked to the recruiter, he said there were three résumés. That significantly hurts us. • Divide the expense by long-term debt and interest. • Sports while in the business school is death unless you’re a genius. I don’t know how Christian Stewart does it. • How’s life? Great. Still interning? Still interning. • Yeah, he has friends. He’s talking about it all the time. • It’s actually not watery. I love it. • I definitely got those right. I got a five out of five. • Are you going to go back up? No, I got the cold shoulder. • So far it’s been really simple, but it’s good to sharpen up. • Dump all their stuff. We don’t want it. • It’s all right to get free stuff. • Hot chocolate with this thing? Great! • Am I saying everything I need to? • She was so chill! We’d just go off on tangents and stuff. • We don’t have a close relationship, but he opened up to us. • My mom invited me to some women’s conference. I’m like, “Does she realize I’m a guy?” • Do you know anything about their health or dental? You need to understand their whole package. • It smells like seafood somewhere. • My buddy lives on the east side of San Francisco, and he’s paying about $5,000 for a one-bedroom apartment. • Let me put on some headphones. You’re louder than the whole hallway. • I just really love Provo. • What’d you think about that fire escape? • Yeah, I can see you. Can you see me? • Everybody has self-defeating beliefs. • We were diagnosing each other. I know I was spot on. • We had a guest speaker come in and talk about how he just crushed it. • The food is great, and the people there are really nice. • We had a good group. Everyone was super intelligent. I need smart friends. • You just gotta do what fits you. • The best brains will win. • This kid knows 75 percent of the Marriott School. Really? More like 95 percent. He has connections. • Once you figure out the difference in costs, I’d like to determine their sales and how much it will take to recoup their costs. • Will this in any way affect the quality of the product? • Is that what you’re looking for, or would you like me to extrapolate it? • Will you give me a few seconds? I’m trying to accomplish something. • You have to knock these grades out of the park. • I feel like I’m a personable person, so I can relate.

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