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5 5. top of the Class With a diploma often comes a monthly pay- ment. Getting rid of that student loan as quickly as possible is tempting, but take a close look at the interest rate. You might be best served by paying extra on a higher-rate loan or taking full advan- tage of your company's 401(k) match before tack- ling student debt. 4 6 7 4. DoCtor's orDers Medical debt is becom- ing one of the top reasons for bankruptcy in the United States. The expenses are often unexpected. It's esti- mated, however, that 80 percent of medical bills contain errors. Manually review bills for mistakes or try Simplee, an online tool that manages healthcare expenses. 3. plastiC power Credit cards can be a high-interest hazard, but they can also be a financial tool if used properly. Swipe your card to purchase items you've already made room for in your budget. Then pay the card off before the billing cycle ends. This will help you to responsibly build a healthy credit score. 6. feeling at home The idea behind a mort- gage is that by paying for a house over several decades, the home will appreciate and increase in value throughout your lifetime. So consider the future when house hunt- ing. Start by researching locations with good schools. A strong school district often means an increased home value. 7. junk mail Nix the temptation to spend. Made pos- sible by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), allows you to remove your name from mailing lists used by creditors to make offers. Opting out prevents consumer credit reporting compa- nies from providing your information to creditors. 9 fall 2015

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