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Being personal will require developing relationships with customers, partners, and people you work for, with, or lead. The best leaders connect with and inspire their people because they care personally. Without great people, any business will eventually fail. BE HAPPY During my second and third years of law school, I had a summer internship at a pres- tigious law firm in Silicon Valley. I sat down the hall from the office of one of the man- aging partners of the firm. One day a loud scream erupted from his office. "I hate this place! I have the worst life imaginable," he shrieked, and then a phone flew out of the office and exploded against a desk. I didn't know what to think. I thought being man- aging partner was the top of the happiness world. I have learned there is no Shangri-La. I have spent many years trying to achieve, and achievement can keep one very busy. But being busy can be the equivalent of taking professional Valium—it's tough to feel your feelings when you're so busy. Until we understand that happiness is here and now, we won't be happy. One author wrote, "Until you change the belief that happiness is somewhere else, you'll only experience a life in which you're always getting there but are never quite there. . . . You'll always be looking but never seeing. You'll always be busy, and you'll never be at rest." Being present and focused on today has allowed me to realize happiness. When I am at home, I try to be home. When I am with my kids, I try to be with my kids. When I am with my wife, I try to be with my wife—the phone down and the Blackberry put away. You will only connect in the present moment. In conclusion, I leave you with a quote from my favorite book, titled Annapurna, which chronicles the experiences of the first climbers to summit the great Himalayan peak. After succeeding at incredible personal cost and toil, the author writes, "Annapurna, to which we had gone emptyhanded, was a treasure on which we should live the rest of our days. With this realization we turn the page: a new life begins. There are other Anna- purnas in the lives of men." I wish you great success in climbing the mountains of life. ABOUT THE SPEAKER Scott Cutler is the president of StubHub, an online marketplace for buying and selling tick- ets to sports, concerts, the theater, and other live events. Previously he was the head of global list- ings for the New York Stock Exchange. Cutler earned a BS in economics from BYU and a JD from University of California, Hastings. This text is taken from remarks he gave at the Mar- riott School's closing banquet on 20 March 2015. PHOTO CREDIT Mountain photos from the Photochrom Co., courtesy of the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, dC. 19 fall 2015

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