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the MaxIMuM nuMber of MIles a farM can be located froM a chIpotle restaurant to stIll be consIdered local. That's about the distance from Provo to Las Vegas. Last year the American Culinary Federation asked chefs for their predictions on 2015's menu trends, and their top pick was locally sourced food. Fast- casual joints are riding the trend by using local produce and meat, claiming that local food is tastier and fresher than shipped goods. Source:, Chipotle the nuMber of MedIuM frostys you would have to buy to equal wendy's total sales In 2014. Since 2011 Wendy's has taken Burger King's spot as the second-biggest burger chain in the United States, coming in behind McDonald's. Wendy's has focused on upgrading its menu to include higher-quality ingredients, and cus- tomers are eating it up. Despite rising demand for fast-casual eats, fast-food behemoths still control 85 percent of the limited-service restaurant market. Source:, Wendy's 839,320,100 350 the nuMber of shake shack followers on InstagraM. Pictures of succulent burgers have helped Shake Shack build a drool-wor- thy social media presence, with more than 3,000 followers per restaurant. While competitor McDonald's has a much larger following at 816,000, its omnipresent locations make its ratio only about 22.7 followers to each res- taurant. Investors monitor these social media trends, which could be a factor in Shake Shack's rising stock prices. Source:, Instagram 200k the nuMber of panera cares coMMunIty cafés. Located in Dearborn, Michigan; Portland, Oregon; St. Louis; and Boston, these stores are not-for- profit and operate on a pay-what-you-can model, offering meals in exchange for whatever customers are able to pay or even for volunteer work. Panera's main business consists of more than 1,880 for-profit bakery-cafés in the United States and Canada. Research shows that millenni- als want to connect with socially responsible brands. Source:, Panera Cares 4 21 fall 2015

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