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overheard in the tanner I'm just trying to orient myself and figure everything out. • Remember that if you fail you still have the fellowship to fall back on. • Should I clear everything for this deal? Yes, you should clear everything. • We'll do anything to make your arms stronger, brother. • They're just trying to figure out if you can defend your logic and if you're comfortable with your answer. • He's a Peter Pan type. I like that about him. • Do you want a strawberry Kit Kat? No, thank you, but could I look at it? • He was the best man at my wedding. You've probably seen my picture on the fridge. • I'm just going around because I have some great ideas. • You should bring your tambourine! • Something told me you wouldn't be the guy wearing the black tie. Nope, that's not me. • I haven't paid my dues yet. • We need numbers for our presentation or we fail. • Tomorrow she has TA hours, and you can guarantee I'll be there. • You should just grab some ice cream, sit down, and relax with us. • What's up, man? Shhhh, I'm on a call. • Do any of you have more than five friends here in class? • They won't mess anything up, so just give them the document. • I hate booking my own flights. I can't imagine booking everyone else's flight! • Their house was absolutely immaculate. Oh, good to know! • It's better to make decisions when you have more information, but that's just coming from me. • Creepy people just won't stay away. • How am I supposed to give advice to my mentee when I don't have any experience? • I thought you were sketchy when we first met, but now I think you're safe to hang out with. • I have a playlist for different moods that I'm in. The music keeps me so emotional. • I don't understand why I didn't complete the assignment. It was all free points! • I need to do a better job of putting things into perspective since I'm coming to an end here. • Is competition how you express yourself in front of others? • Let me take a bite of your burger. I promise it'll be a small bite. • You can be an amateur or you can be a professional. You choose. • Did the judges ask you number questions or was it word based? • I know I can do eternity with him. But why rush it? • There's like some sort of computer chip that can help you do everything you need. • Your sales commissions aren't tax exempt. Maybe municipal bonds! • I feel like I see you everywhere! True! You're always around food when I see you. • I did something embarrassing, so you may judge me for the rest of my life. Oh, I promise I won't judge you. What'd you do? I locked myself out of my house.

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